M2 were contracted to provide roofing services as part of the regeneration of the Lakes Estate in Milton Keynes – an energy efficiency project with a value of £7.2million, and including 380 properties.

The project works began in April 2014, and M2’s role was to provide roofing in line with the energy efficient requirements, with between four and 10 properties completed for handover each week. Taking into account the results of the comprehensive surveys which were undertaken, and working from the architect’s construction drawings for each property, we worked as a vital element of the renovations team, and contributed to the overall £400k of savings against the tendered price as a result of efficiencies and value engineering.

A whole property programme such as this is usually completed in 20 working days – however, when properties are grouped into terraces such as this, they can be completed in the same timescales as a single property, so our works to several properties were planned simultaneously, which reduced the programme timescales significantly. We also agreed with the Council that scaffolding would be in place for no more than 30 properties at once, which we removed and relocated promptly once works were complete, to minimise disruption.

As always we insisted on the highest standards of waste management, and we worked with the dedicated Waste Management Supervisor to ensure all waste was removed, segregated and recycled as efficiently as possible.

We worked with the Council to identify and agree cost efficiencies wherever possible, standardising and bulk-buying materials which we store in our own facilities. This approach allows us to negotiate significant discounts on the materials themselves and the delivery costs and travel time.

Communication with all stakeholders is a vital part of delivering our service, and our project managers reported progress regularly so that the Project Tracker dashboard could be updated for the client, to view progress of each element and the overall programme at each stage of the works.

Creative problem solving is something we pride ourselves on, and this project was no exception. One property had a large sun room extending along the rear, which meant we were unable to erect scaffolding to carry out the roof works. We worked with the client and the resident of the property to find a solution that would allow us to access the roof, and allow the sun room to remain: remove the sun room roof and areas of the brickwork to make way for the scaffolding, and rebuild it afterwards to its original form.

The programme brought hundreds of properties on the Lakes Estate up to a new and energy efficient standard, and M2 Roofing Services were proud to be part of this extensive regeneration.

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